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Maximo Park

June 20, 2012

“Hips and Lips” by Maximo Park

Has it really been five years since Maximo Park actually toured America? Well, we have obviously seen what has happened to this country during that time period. We have dealt with Mit Romney’s nonsense, and the Kardashians never disappear from our feeds. How dare Paul Smith remain absent from our shores! What a travesty!  Fear not though my great countrymen (and women), Maximo Park are returning with a new album this summer, and they are even playing a few gigs.  Sadly, none of them are near me. Go figure.

The last time I tried to see Maximo was in 2005. That is right. SEVEN YEARS AGO! They were opening up for the Bravery in Dallas, Texas, and I flew there in the hopes of finally seeing them live. Sadly, a hurricane jeopardized their flight out of Dallas, and thus, their remaining tour. They cancelled the Dallas date in order not to cancel on the world. Yes, the selfish nineteen year old me was devastated, and dare I say it, heartbroken.

However, I soldiered on, and I would like to think I am a well rounded individual because of it. Not to mention, I met a a crazy docent lady at the Dallas Museum of Art whose advice (“You have to be bolder than a man. Don’t ever tell them your techniques. Don’t ever share with them your secrets. That’s the only way you will succeed as an artist”) led to me studying art history in Memphis. So you never know what will happen. If you live near any of these cities, tell Maximo Park I’ve relocated, and I would like to redeem my hurricane…rain check.

9/10 – Middle East Downstairs – Boston, MA
9/12 – World Cafe Live Downstairs – Philadelphia, PA
9/13 – Webster Hall – New York, NY
9/15 – U Street Music Hall – Washington, DC
9/17 – Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL
9/20 – Slim’s – San Francisco, CA
9/21 – El Rey Theatre – Los Angeles, CA

You can stream Maximo Park’s new album “The National Health” here:

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