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Gospel of Good Taste

September 14, 2011

This is a hiatus of sorts.  For over a couple of years now, I have updated Le Monochrome off and on.  It functioned mainly as a blog for what inspired me, and with tumblr, I’ve been even more lazy about posting on here.  However, the concept behind Le Monochrome has been redirected towards a new project I’m working on entitled the Gospel of Good Taste.    I will try my best to update it regularly, but a lot of it is based on submissions, which are lacking at the moment.  There is also a podcast, and I hope to eventually incorporate interviews, livestreams, and so forth.  For now, I’m directing you toward that site.  I will keep Le Monochrome up, and I promise to update it every couple of weeks.  So if you want to update your links or bookmarks, please do so.

To learn more about the Gospel of Good Taste, click here.  If you would like to contribute, please do so.

Thanks again for reading my little blog.  Let’s keep this going!


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