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Pablo Picasso’s Rose Period

April 24, 2010

Recently, I gave a presentation on globalization and contemporary art, and while I was writing the 12 page monster, I started wishing my project was on Picasso’s Rose Period.  I have a love/hate relationship with Picasso sometimes.  I sort of dislike the fact he got more recognition than Braque when it came to Cubism.  Also, the whole stealing art from Africa to spawn primitivism was a bit too much.  Then again, we wouldn’t have Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. But I digress…

I really love Picasso’s work during his Rose Period.  The color palette is light and entrancing, and the figures start to lean more towards his later style.  They’re really quite stunning!  There’s also this ambiguous mood among the works.  You can never really tell what these people are doing or if this is even in our reality.  I guess I’ll get over Picasso’s faults and embrace his greatness.

For more:
Picasso’s Rose Period on Wikipedia (General knowledge)
Pablo Picasso’s Paintings Online

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