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The Ferus Gallery & Ed Ruscha

July 2, 2009

Recently, I watched The Cool School which is a documentary about the Ferus Gallery and the amazing artists in Los Angeles who were shaking up the art world in the 1960s.  It was really great to watch because these artists made up a tiny art scene in LA and somehow they managed to set the standard for West Coast art.  There really was not anything going on in LA at that time because New York was the center of everything.  Well, the artists that made up the Ferus Gallery could have cared less about New York and that is why their art was and still is as fresh today.

Mannnn, I wish I was this cool…


One of the artists that caught my eye was Edward Ruscha.  Ruscha had a hard time fitting in at Ferus because of his age and the fact that his work was more in the style of Pop Art.  Regardless, his work is exciting to me because of his use of typography and flat planes of color.  I will definitely be adding him to my list of favorite artists now.






For more:
FERUS gallery online
Ed Ruscha

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