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Interview Magazine

December 3, 2008

It’s apparent that I’m obsessed with Interview magazine. Whenever I open my mailbox and find that big ole rag of goodness, my heart skips a beat. This month’s ART issue was no exception. I literally ran back to the house and tore off the plastic wrapping faster than a cheetah on speed. (Well…that’s no excuse to use a horrible metaphor, but you know what I mean.)

The first thing I geeked over was this interview between William Eggleston and Harmony Korine. In my opinion, Eggleston is one of the greatest American photographers to come from the South. Eggleston’s perception of color and composition are beyond perfection. He has a real knack for capturing a certain mood that only the South possesses.


As I continued flipping through the pages, Cindy Sherman’s gaze stopped me dead in my tracks. I learned about Sherman’s work when I took my first survey of Modern Art. A friend of mine had selected her for a class research project, and through her endless research and stunning presentation, I became fascinated with every facet of Cindy Sherman’s work. Interview invited Sherman’s friends and colleagues to pose a question and printed 20 questions from the likes of Barbara Kruger, Robert Longo, Kent Jones and the list of amazing folks just goes on and on.  It’s quite interesting to see how Cindy Sherman responded to the questions.

After reading that wonderful piece, I came across a feature on 15 artists who have defined what it is to make art today. Guess who was listed?! Matthew Cerletty! You might recall that I mentioned Matthew’s work a month or so ago. It’s great to see him in print!
Like I said, I’m obsessed with Interview.  You should be too!

Check out their BRAND NEW website!

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