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Mad Men (part deux)

October 9, 2008

Let’s see how many posts I can make about Mad Men this year.  It’s clear I’m obsessed with this show.  I don’t even have cable and I manage to watch it every week thanks to the wonderful interwebz.  So I was excited that Kate shared this link on [command save].  It’s a post by Mark Simonson on the typography used on Mad Men.  It’s quite interesting because I was just thinking about the type on Donald Draper’s door the other day.

“The blown up vintage clip art seems odd here, too. The whole layout has a Kinko’s feel to it.” – Mark Simonson

It’s a great entry, but this statement sort of depresses me.  I work at a copy place, and there are a lot of image limits and time constraints at these establishments which result in shotty design work.  I look at these examples and feel slightly embarrassed because I’m doing crap just like that.  Can I even use the statement “not by choice”?  I guess not.

Please tell me it gets better because if it doesn’t I’m going to get my Masters in Art History or something.

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